Booking Your Routine Service Appointment Online

Before the weather takes a drastic turn, now is the time to be getting your car in for servicing with our service scheduling application online. This convenient resource allows you to schedule from the convenience of your home, helping you fit in a time to come in that works with your busier schedule.

Our service technicians at Street Toyota of Johnstown dealership have decades of experience on all makes and models, and can quickly spot potential trouble even in the smallest repairs. The auto mechanics at our service center will drain all the fluids in the motor and replace with high quality fluids rated for this time of year so they keep all those moving parts lubricated. Tires are carefully looked at for any issues and then rotated to help extend the life of the treads. The car battery needs to be tested because it must do so many more things than simply start your vehicle. In order for that battery to run things from the headlights, door locks, power windows, to charging stations, it needs to be performing perfectly.

Take a day to visit our team and let the team perform the seasonal maintenance check on your car. Our online service scheduler makes this process easy for you!

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