The Toyota Prius Vs. The Ford C-Max

So, you're looking for a new hybrid vehicle. We at Street Toyota of Johnstown understand that this car search, like every other car search can be an extensive process going from dealership to dealership and website to website searching for the right hybrid for the right price. Well, we also want to make your car-buying experience as easy and stress-free as possible. So, we've gone ahead and compared our hybrid, the Toyota Prius, with one of its competitors, the Ford C-Max in matters of cost, performance, interior comfort, and safety to save you some time in your search.

Toyota Prius Cost vs Ford C-Max Cost

Starting with one of the biggest deciding factors, the Toyota Prius has a slightly lower starting price than the Ford C-Max. The Prius also comes with a longer roadside assistance warranty, three-year/unlimited miles, compared to the C-Max, three-year/60,000 miles.

Toyota Prius Performance vs. Ford C-Max Performance

Under the hood, the Prius' 1.8-liter I4 engine is smaller than the C-Max's 2.0-liter. But when it comes to fuel efficiency-the most important aspect of a hybrid-the Prius' combined 56 miles per gallon dominates the C-Max's 40 miles per gallon.

Toyota Prius Interior vs. Ford C-Max Interior

Inside, the Ford C-Max comes with more basic features like satellite radio, but the Prius provides a more spacious interior.

Toyota Prius Safety vs. Ford C-Max Safety

Safety-wise, both hybrids go neck and neck, but the Prius has a slightly higher overall safety rating and comes standard with an engine immobilizer in case of emergencies.

Experience the Difference at Our Dealership Today

We can tell you about the superior differences in the Toyota Prius, but the only way for you to truly understand that difference, and know if it's the right hybrid vehicle for you, is by stepping behind the wheel and experiencing that difference for yourself. So, come test drive the Prius at our dealership today. We proudly sell new Toyota Prius Hybrids to the drivers of Yorkville, as well as the drivers of Utica, Rome, Whitesboro, Herkimer NY. If you have any more questions regarding our current Prius inventory, contact us by email or over the phone for more information.