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When you own a car, one of the most important things you can do to keep your car in tip-top shape is by servicing the car regularly and handling any repairs in a timely manner. But, remembering to make those appointments can be difficult. Luckily, when you shop at Street Toyota of Johnstown where we are proud to serve drivers in Schenectady, Saratoga Springs, or Amsterdam, NY you can schedule your auto service in Johnstown from home.

With this handy service scheduler that you take advantage of this you can easily remember to schedule service when your car needs it the most. Once you do schedule your service you will get an email or call confirming the service. If you are aiming to keep your car running smoothly, use the prompt below and schedule your service today. See you soon!

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It's important to keep your vehicle maintained to avoid unexpected breakdowns and to keep its value high when yousell it. Your time is also important, and keeping a balance between the time youinvest in your vehicle and all of your other responsibilities can sometimes betricky. At Steet Toyota, our goal is to help you with every aspect of routinecar care, so you've got more time to spend on other things.

Our service center is just the place to bring your vehicle for every kind of service need.

Services We Provide

Oil Changes

While it may only be required two or three times peryear, the time for your next oil change can sneak up on you, causing you todelay it in favor of more pressing schedule demands. As the fluid that keepsyour engine performing smoothly, it's not something you want to neglect. Overtime, dust and debris embed themselves in your oil, forming an abrasivesolution that can act like sandpaper wearing away at delicate enginecomponents. A fresh oil change resets the system, keeping your engine fromaging too quickly, improving your gas mileage and keeping your engine fromrunning too hot.


You will also average two tire rotations per year orneed to swap seasonal tires for their appropriate equivalent as the seasonschange. This is another task that, if ignored, can have far-reachingconsequences. Your tires will wear unevenly if kept in the same place for toolong, leading to unexpected flats or blowouts that can ruin your plans thatday. With regular rotation, you will get the most use out of your tires ratherthan replace them early. Multi-point inspections from your mechaniccan monitor your tread depth, and it's a good idea to check your tire pressuremonthly to ensure your tires are properly inflated.


A thorough multi-point inspection will also catchcracks in hoses, areas of wear on belts, dirty air and fuel filters, lowtransmission, coolant, and power steering fluids, a failing battery or wornshocks and struts in addition to ensuring your tires meet expectations. Thereare a myriad of elements in your engine that all need to function correctlytogether; otherwise, the entire system can be thrown out of balance. A regularinspection will catch a potential problem before it has a chance to ruin yourplans.


Your vehicle may run beautifully, but it also needsto be able to stop safely in Schenectady. Proper brake maintenance includeschanging the brake pads as they wear down, keeping the brake fluid fresh, andremoving any air that gets trapped in the brake lines. There isn't a setmileage for your next brake service. They will wear at a rate that's unique toboth your driving style and your typical route, so you'll want to be vigilantin noting any unusual changes in their performance. When youpress the brake pedal, a loud squeal indicates a replacement of brake pads is in order, while amushy response to your foot on the brake can indicate a more severe problemthat needs immediate care. /p>

At Steet Toyota, we're happy to take on yourmaintenance tasks, large or small. Our factory-trained technicians are familiarwith all aspects of care for your particular Toyota vehicle and can advise youon when it's best to get your next oil change or brake pad replacement. We takecare to use the additives and parts recommended by Toyota, so you're alwaysassured of the best repair or maintenance for your vehicle. We offer occasionalspecialson the services you need, so check our website for the latest information. Youcan also schedule your next appointment right online for added convenience.