You Just Bought a...20 year old Toyota?!

A 20 year old vehicle is not something you’d normally think would be a good purchase. But a 20 year old Toyota? Yeah, that’s a good move! Toyota’s are known for their dependability, durability, and all around great driving, and this man’s 20 year old Toyota Camry is proof! This man’s Jalopnik post got us thinking: do you have a “vintage” Toyota to share photos of? Joe Steet Jr. recently bought a 1999 Toyota 4Runner because the year was his favorite model, and didn’t even bat an eye at the age of the vehicle because Toyotas just are that durable! They’re indestructible, comfortable, and just all around well put together. We routinely see 100,000 miles, and 200,000 mile vehicles in for their regular service and we can honestly say, as long as you bring your Toyota in for routine maintenance, that baby will last you a lifetime! 

Joe Steet Jr.'s, 1999 Toyota 4Runner pictured below!

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