Performance means a lot to people looking for a near-perfect driving experience. Power, combined with efficient handling, contributes to smooth rides. The Toyota RAV4 should captivate shoppers seeking a crossover SUV that performs well. The vehicle's interior and exterior styles do support its popularity, but the performance features may stand out the most.

The RAV4's engineering comes integrated with a special innovation known as Toyota New Global Architecture. The TNGA delivers new design concepts that support more responsive handling. The development of a broader and longer stance helps generate this better handling. Building a more robust core further enhances the ride experience.

When driving, choose from three different modes. SPORT mode gives better acceleration while ECO mode helps with fuel efficiency. NORMAL presents a balance between the two. Switch back-and-forth when and where you wish.

Explore all the performance features when taking a test drive in Johnstown. Our dealership has many Toyota RAV4s in stock.


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