Enjoy Toyota Sequoia's Luxury and Technology

Through this blog, we at Steet Toyota of Johnstown help you fulfill your driving dreams. Today, we want to talk about the excellent technology found in the Toyota Sequoia. This model is a popular luxury SUV and simultaneously a connected car.

Whether you will mostly drive your Toyota Sequoia or sit in the front passenger's seat, you will be able to easily interface with the connected SUV's dashboard control panel. Its available Entune app suite lets you choose which apps to use inside your Sequoia, make hands-free calls and get news, weather, sports and investment updates. On the rare occasion when you encounter a driving hazard, it can help you find assistance faster.

Additionally, you will easily navigate via your favorite map app in your Toyota Sequoia. And this luxury SUV's reverse camera and related features will help you negotiate crowded parking lots like you are at a nimble vessel's helm.



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