Enticing Safety Features of the Toyota Tundra

Safety is a big deal in these modern times, and with the new technology available, certain problems can be prevented. The Toyota Tundra satisfies this hunger for safety with enticing features that Steet Toyota of Johnstown is excited to talk about.

Safety and the Tundra

Toyota has always been a trusted automaker, and one look around Johnstown shows that they are definitely popular. The following are examples of the safety tech the company has added to continue that love affair between the automaker and its customers:


One exciting thing in the Tundra is the Pre-Collision System that uses the vehicle's camera and radar to alert you if you are going to hit something in front of you. It uses audio and flashes of light to alert, and it may even apply brakes if needed.

Lane Departure

The Lane Departure Alert System is there to ensure that your vehicle stays in its lane. The moment it detects swaying, it will immediately alert you with a series of sounds and flashes. It may even help you steer your way into your lane to keep you safe.

The Tundra is a powerful vehicle, and it is a powerhouse of safety that you should definitely consider test driving.



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