Camry well built, attractive to car buyers

The Toyota Camry is known as a great car. Routine maintenance will keep your Camry on the road for years, and it'll look good too.

Camry has three models to choose from: the XSE V6, L and LE. All three models come standard with LED Daytime Running Lights complete with an on/off feature. Each model stays cooler with High Solar Energy-Absorbing glass which helps prevent your steering wheel and seats from getting too hot on warmer days. All Camrys come with an acoustic noise-reducing front windshield, helping to alleviate excess road noise and intrusive sounds when driving. Also, every single Camry has an in glass AM/FM antenna and a shark-fin antenna.

A car is a necessity for life, and when driving it day in and day out, you want your vehicle to look great. With a Camry, you're assured your vehicle is stylish, safe and efficient.



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