Exterior Features of the Toyota Yaris

Toyota has long led the way in designing popular subcompact cars. Its Yaris manages to pack plenty of features into its smaller frame, carrying an impressive amount of cargo while still offering enhanced road performance and truly stylish design.

The Yaris has an exterior design optimized for creating less aerodynamic drag at higher speeds. There are three trim options, the L, LE and XLE. Each adds particular design features and contributes to the car's exterior appeal. The LE and XLE add a spoiler to the Yaris's rear end, improving airflow over the back bumper.

A honeycomb grille dominates the vehicle's front bumper, framed by two headlights that are halogen in the L and LE models and are automatic on and off LED lights in the XLE. The XLE also offers daytime running lights for added visibility. Rounded spoke hubcaps in a muted gunmetal finish add understated elegance to the alloy wheel design.



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