Know Your Oil

Are you a person who has a do it yourself personality? If so, then you probably want to understand, as much as possible, what it takes to keep your vehicle running at tip-top shape. Understanding the dynamics of motor oil and its function is a big part of that.

Knowledge about oil and what it does can aid you in maintaining your car. Motor oil's job is to lubricate important components of your vehicle's engine. The viscosity of oil measures its resistance to flow. High viscosity oil flows slower than oil with lower viscosity. This type of oil is best used when the weather is warm because heat thins out the oil making it less efficient. Cold temperatures naturally thicken motor oil so the oil that has a lower viscosity should be used in the colder months.

Keeping up with your vehicle's oil and having it changed regularly is a keep to vehicle health. When the time comes to have it serviced, bring your car to us. We are located at Steet Toyota of Johnstown.



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