Safety Features Standard in the New Toyota Corolla

Our entire family at Steet Toyota of Johnstown wanted to help educate our buyers on all the safety features packed in the all-new Toyota Corolla compact car.

The new Toyota Corolla has the Adaptive Cruise Control that works like older systems but with a unique twist. You can still set the desired driving speed, but then the system will use radar sensors to scan ahead for the lead car and mark it as a buffer zone. Your vehicle speeds up and brakes to maintain that buffer once the speed is set.

One of the unique ways that the new Toyota Corolla is going to help to keep you safer on the road is by way of the Lane-Keeping System. Sensors mounted on the vehicle will be able to quickly detect the position of the vehicle on the road and if drifting from the lane does occur, you'll feel a vibration in the steering wheel.



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