Toyota to Refresh and/or Launch 19 NEW Vehicles by 2022!

You read that right, not 1, not 2, not 3 but 19...NINETEEN NEW, updated Toyota vehicles by 2022!! According to Motor1, Toyota will launch 19 new, updated, vehicles. 

The 36-month plan likely includes all-new SUVs, and of course the Supra.  If that sounds ambitious, you’re not wrong. 19 models would include the vast majority of Toyota’s current lineup once you factor in various submodels and variants, though it doesn’t include special edition models. AutoGuide recently had the chance to speak with Toyota North America Group Vice President and General Manager Jack Hollis, who touched on the automaker’s future. Yes, there will undoubtedly be some new SUVs and crossovers in the mix, but Toyota is also committed to keeping its sedan and hatchback buyers happy.

1920 × 1080?

SO, what do you think? What are you excited to see get a refresh, or, what type of vehicle would you like to see that's not already out there? Find more info by clicking any of the hyperlinks in this blog post! Us here at Steet Toyota of Johnstown will be patiently awaiting more news on this!! 
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