How to Handle the End of Your Vehicle's Lease

How do you handle the end of your current lease period? Do you just drop off the keys and turn the vehicle back in? It can be that easy. A lease is designed to give you that flexibility. You can walk away once your lease terms are up. Our finance department at Steet Toyota of Johnstown wants you to be aware of your other options. You can browse our inventory for a potential new lease. You may find your dream car. You may simply want to upgrade your current model. We can set you up with similar terms.

You might even consider purchasing your leased vehicle. There are many benefits to this. You'll eventually have no payments. You'll have a vehicle you can trade or sell. You can pass it down to family members. You can also get your lease terms extended. We can add a few months to your current plan, so you have time to make your next decision.

Our finance department wants to help you handle this next move. We're always here to provide consultation to our customers. Your lease end shouldn't have to be frightening; it should be looked at as an opportunity to make your next great move. Make your next move with us at 310 North Comrie Avenue!

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