Headlight Upgrades for Improved Illumination and Beam Patterns

A headlight upgrade can be practical, aesthetic, or both. And while there are many other reasons for wanting to upgrade your headlights, having better brightness is the main reason. With the right choice of a light upgrade, your night vision as a driver will be significantly improved without having to inevitably blind other drivers. Reconditioning the assemblies of the headlight is an example of practical upgrade done by many drivers. Steet Toyota of Johnstown recommends the following options for upgrading your lights.

  • Replace damaged capsules or lamps with new ones since headlights become dim over time.
  • Upgrade the current capsule to a brighter version of the same by selecting a direct-replacement bulb more fluorescent than the initial capsules.
  • Restore the lenses through thorough cleaning using a headlight restoration kit.
  • Change to LED lights since they are brighter and long-lasting in comparison to halogen factory bulbs. A direct standby LED headlight capsule can fit in your present headlight cases.

For more on how to choose a better upgrade, visit our service center here at Steet Toyota of Johnstown and we’ll be happy to help.

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